Crossroads Flying Club

This is a club that has affordable flying figured out! Formed in 1954, the long lasting success of this club is testimony to the fact that we have figured out how to make flying affordable!

The Crossroads Cooperative Flying Club of Albuquerque, NM is a group of pilots who share in the joys of flying while splitting the expenses in an effective and affordable way. The club has three aircraft based at Double Eagle Airport (KAEG).

  • The Piper Lance (1977) is a six-place, 300 hp, complex airplane with a payload of 1,400 lbs. Avionics include dual Aspen Avionics displays with synthetic vision, an IFR GPS (GNS 430W), a second VOR/ILS/COMM, coupled autopilot, and ADS-B in/out. It has numerous speed mods and an upgraded prop. It will carry 5 people with baggage for 5 hours at over 150 KTAS.

  • The Cessna 172 XP (1977) is a four-place airplane suitable for economical training as well as cross-country flying. Its payload is 900 lbs. The avionics include an IFR GPS (GNS 530W), dual G5's, a GFC500 autopilot, a second VOR/ILS/COMM, and ADS-B in/out. Cruise speed is over 120 KTAS. It has a low-time 195 hp fuel-injected engine and a low-time, variable-pitch prop.

  • The Cessna 170B (1953) has the original C-145 engine which gives it good performance as a two-seat aircraft at our density altitudes. It is classic on the outside and modern on the inside with gyros, turn coordinator, VOR/ILS with glideslope, engine monitor, ADS-B in/out, LED lighting, iFly GPS, and a host of STCs. It’s a joy to fly if you’re not in a hurry! Get your tailwheel endorsement and learn that rudder pedals are much more than foot rests!

With online scheduling, very open and easy scheduling policies, our members can easily obtain and enjoy the planes for the trips they want to fly.

Maybe best of all is the opportunity to join a great group of pilots who all truly enjoy flying and sharing the joys of flying with one another. The club boasts two active CFIs.

Want to learn more about joining the club? Click the Contact Us button and take a step closer to affordable flying today.