Renting vs a Flying Club

Still Renting?

As a pilot who rents, you've no doubt run into the countless annoyances associated with trying to really use a rental aircraft for the things most pilots want an airplane for.

Rentals are super when you are taking lessons or pursuing advanced training: you don't own the plane, you don't worry about the cost when something breaks, you aren't stuck with a plane you can't sell when you no longer need access to that particular model. But once you've finished your training, being a pilot who rents is a significant limitation.

Generally, having a pilot's license means you want to be able to go places when you want and have the airplane for as long as you want. You'll want an airplane fast enough to get you there in a hurry with the performance and space to carry out your mission.

At Crossroads Flying Club you'll join a great group of pilots who share the same goals, so therefore our rules are written with our shared goals in mind. Airplanes can be scheduled without worrying about an hourly limit per day (like nearly every rental program). You'll be able to schedule the plane for as many days as your trip requires. Our convenient online scheduling system makes it easy to see when the planes are available and to schedule them for the times you want to fly. You'll find that generally one of our planes are almost always available for even last minutes flights that come up.

You're a professional aviator. In Crossroads Flying Club, you are a part owner, so you'll be treated like an owner and a professional. The airplanes are maintained beautifully because as owners, we want to fly nice planes! It isn't only about the bottom line (like it is with a rental program), so we vote on and make the conscious choice to regularly improve these airplanes.

As a member of a club, you'll have an equal say as to the equipment, maintenance, and use of these planes.